Before, During, After: The Most Important Renovation Questions To Ask

Have you wanted to give your house a facelift, but felt that the process was too overwhelming? We understand your reasoning. Depending on the project, renovating your home can be a pretty big deal. With all of the time and money you’re investing, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions during the course of the project. To help give you a good place to start, here are a few questions to ask before, during, and after taking on a home renovation project.

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What do the Places that Inspire me Have in Common?

The planning stage: your chance to determine what the space will look like for a very long time. Getting started can often be the most stressful part of the process, and it’s imperative for homeowners to think through their new design concept. Taking a second look at memorable places that left an impact on you can really help with making a decision. Go visit that cousin of yours who had the cool light fixture in his kitchen, or stay a night at that hotel with the awesome patio. Use this opportunity to start narrowing down what you want the project to look like. Be sure to keep an eye out as you move through your daily routine. Our previous projects page is a helpful place to start your research.

How do I Feel about Cost vs. Value?

After you finalize the plans for your renovation, you’ll inevitably start to over analyze your decisions. “Is my design too unique?”, and “Will my home be worth more?” are just a couple of examples of the insecurity that this stage is defined by. Don’t worry, second-guessing yourself is a natural occurrence under these circumstances. What you should really be thinking about, however, is the importance of cost vs. value for you and any other homeowners involved. If you love unique pops of color and attitude, adding a little bit to your budget can really spice things up. If you’re more focused on cost-effectiveness, focusing on the essentials can save your family a lot of money.  Consciously deciding where you fall on that spectrum will go a long way toward ensuring peace of mind during the build.

Am I Happy with the Result?

Immediately after any renovation, there’s this grace period where most homeowners will feel very happy with how the project turned out. Once a few days pass, little things begin to stick out, like how the door has a slightly irregular fit in the doorway, or how there are a couple of spots around the perimeter that need caulking. We’re not talking total plan changes, but it would be a shame to go through the whole renovation process without being 100% happy with the end results. We care about our client’s opinion, and would happily add some finishing touches. Little fixes can ultimately make a big difference, and it all starts with being honest with yourself and pointing out problem areas as early as possible. The next time you are finishing up a renovation, ask yourself, “Am I happy with the result?”

These questions are a great introduction to what you need to think about as a homeowner when going through the renovation process. While we’ve only scratched the surface, there’s a general consensus that doing your homework during each stage of your next project can go a long way. Research your options, keep an eye on the progress, and make sure you’re completely satisfied with the finished product. Organizations nationwide can appreciate a well-informed customer. If you have any questions about a potential project, our team is always here to give helpful advice on how to get started.

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  1. Loved the Cost vs Value point that you mentioned. I believe home owners are often excessively charged in the name of brands that sometimes under-deliver value to the Homeowners.

    Great Post! Keep Posting!

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