Green Building

Green building is a catchphrase for a variety of approaches, applications and products designed to honor the integrity of the earth and preserve its resources, while simultaneously improving the health and quality of life of those affected by the implementation of its practices.

TreeLine is committed to the concept of sustainability, and simultaneously adheres to the desires of its clients. By proposing eco-friendly solutions to increase home efficiency or indoor air quality, for example, TreeLine provides its clients with an array of options and empowers them to make the decisions that best suit their needs. By maintaining this flexible approach, TreeLine acknowledges the reality that budget, preference, and values vary, and ultimately all three affect a client’s decisions.

TreeLine is experienced at prioritizing sustainable practices and has built and remodeled homes to yield “net zero” energy consumption.  Green building systems and applications include geo-thermal heating and cooling, solar thermal, photovoltaic solar electric, sophisticated control systems, and enhanced building envelope construction techniques.  TreeLine is skilled at effectively assimilating traditional and eco-friendly approaches, as well as understanding the potential pitfalls sometimes associated with a “greenwashed” industry, all in a manner that enhances style rather than sacrifices it.

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