Warranty and Safety

TreeLine prides itself on its commitment to its clients and their home. Complete with pro-active follow-ups, TreeLine’s home service and maintenance program is an important component that ensures trust and solidifies the relationship for the long term.

TreeLine places the highest importance on health and safety and is committed to ensuring that all our our work is carried out in a safe manner that protects the health and well being of our staff, subcontractors, clients and the public.

Proactive safety management is necessary to identify and control risks before they result in injury, illness or property damage. Therefore, all TreeLine employees and subcontractors are expected to be actively involved in risk identification and control. Every person on a job site is empowered to stop work thought to be unsafe for themselves or others on a project.  Health and safety are vital to both our personal well-being and the long-term success of TreeLine Homes.