Your Project/Our Passion

It all begins with a vision…a dream. TreeLine’s mission is to manifest that vision within the context of reality, optimal value and creativity. Working closely with licensed and LEED certified architects or a designer that you may have already appointed, TreeLine believes in the importance of engaging in the process at the initial schematic design phase to foster a team approach from the onset and ensure an optimal outcome.

When your plans are solidified and approved, the TreeLine team works tirelessly to meet the specifications of each project, tailoring their skills to meet your particular needs and paying exceptional attention to detail and budgetary goals. TreeLine brings value to all projects through extensive cost estimating and value-engineering processes, balancing the need for internal competitive bidding among existing and new supplier/subcontractor relationships.

Effective communication is essential to the success of every project. During the process, TreeLine’s primary goal is to listen, to understand the client and how they live, and to offer them a variety of options so they feel empowered to make decisions that best suit their needs and values. TreeLine is especially adept at pairing people with products—meaning—TreeLine has a keen sense of its client’s needs and tastes.

The project was managed well and flowed so smoothly. We had a stress-free experience in a potentially stressful situation. TreeLine made the overwhelming choices easy and approachable.

Green Building