After a month of raging through Boulder County, burning over 10,000 acres and forcing thousands from their homes, the CalWood Fire is now fully contained. Dozens of houses were damaged or destroyed, and rebuilding home efforts are desperately needed. Now in the aftermath, we are here for you more than ever.

Boulder County has put together some resources for those affected by the fire if you have questions about cleanup and insurance.

Losing your home is a terribly stressful experience. The path back to normality can be long and painful. Your house is typically your most valuable asset, but it’s more than an asset. Your home is a place you’ve spent countless hours with loved ones creating some of your most precious memories.

Nothing can change the past, but with the right support, you can rebuild stronger than ever.

You may have already begun searching for custom home builders near you. For such an undertaking, you require a well-established company with a proven track record of outstanding results. Treeline Homes has more than 25 years of experience right here in the state of Colorado. We strive to make the process of securing a new custom home as easy and stress-free as possible.

Receive a Free Comprehensive Analysis

As a local custom home company in the wake of a devastating fire, we’ve adapted our practices to maximize your support. We now offer a full, comprehensive analysis of your situation, completely free of charge.

Unlike other custom home builders, our analysis is exhaustive and hyper-specific. We’ll show you what the entire process looks like from A to Z, and you’ll have a detailed and accurate breakdown of every single cost involved, as well as what options are available to you. We’re happy to meet you face-to-face and tailor a plan to your unique circumstances and needs. Everything we do, we do with integrity and transparency. The estimates you receive come from decades of experience and we never underquote, so you can rest assured that the quote you receive is fair.

We understand that this whole process can be overwhelming and that the scale of the job is daunting. We’re here to bring some calm after the storm.

A Tailor-Made Custom Home Solution

When rebuilding, our goal isn’t to simply get things back to the way they were. Our goal is to put you in a new home that you’ll come to love even more than the last.

We have built modern homes, transitional homes, traditional homes, craftsman houses, and farmhouses. Everyone has their unique sense of style, so we’ll work with you to get the most out of your vision. Our award-winning staff will labor until the design is perfect and all the details are in place. Everything is tailor-made according to your tastes, and our expert builders leave no stone unturned.

Concerned about the environment? We know what’s involved in making an energy-efficient home with a minimal footprint. Our beautiful, eco-friendly homes reflect the values that make Boulder such a wonderful place to live. Learn more on our Green Building page.

Let’s Rebuild Stronger

Reach out so we can talk about your situation. We’re happy to be a resource. There’s never any pressure and we make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decisions.

Contact us today to discuss your situation

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