In recent years, the practice of extending a home’s living area by adding an outdoor kitchen has become extremely popular. Outdoor kitchens are a luxurious addition to houses of any size, and they are especially useful if you enjoy entertaining guests in your home. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to planning this outdoor living space; everyone’s needs and personal tastes will vary. However, there are a few must-have elements that you will definitely want to include during the planning process. Here are our top picks for outdoor kitchen must-haves:

Cooking Appliances

This may be the most obvious element in an outdoor kitchen, but trust us when we tell you that not all outdoor cooking appliances are created equal. Gas grills are perhaps the most popular cooking solution, but your options extend far beyond that. Some outdoor kitchens include electric pizza ovens, hibachi grills, warming drawers, and more. Your decision should be made based upon your personal cooking preferences, as well as your budget.


Installing adequate plumbing when you are first planning an outdoor kitchen will make all the difference in the world. Most will, at a minimum, have a small prep sink with a faucet for rinsing food and dishes as necessary. However, if you want to enhance the functionality of your space even more, consider adding a dishwasher that was specifically designed for outdoor use. These do exist, and they will save you a tremendous amount of time and trouble.


Again, not all outdoor refrigeration solutions are going to offer the same benefits. Some may even seem superfluous, depending on your needs. As you surely know, refrigerators come in various sizes, so choose one that will fit well within the allotted space. Aside from the standard refrigeration, you may also want to consider a beer tap (a very popular choice among craft beer enthusiasts) or outdoor wine fridge.


Outdoor seating options come in every style, color, finish, and texture that you could ever possibly imagine. The sky is the limit, where this is concerned. While some homeowners prefer for their outdoor kitchen style to mesh well with their interior, others want this space to feel like an escape – something entirely different. Choose something that you will feel comfortable with for years to come.


Safety should be a top priority for all areas of your home, especially in spaces that are intended for use by your family and guests. Of course, all areas that are designed for cooking should at least have a fire extinguisher nearby. Depending on the location of your kitchen and the cooking appliances you have chosen, a range hood may be necessary to remove smoke and cooking odors. Finally, proper lighting and non-skid flooring are both essential to your personal safety and that of your guests.

You can further customize this area with additional appliances and accessories. Make this space one that you love using; let it be a hub for fun and relaxation in your home. If you’re planning to construct or renovate a home in the near future, treat yourself and your family to an outdoor kitchen. Contact a member of our team for a free consultation today.

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