3 Green Renovation Ideas For Your Home

Renovating can be both an exciting and overwhelming endeavor. Homeowners invested in eco-friendly design may feel particularly uncertain about where to start or which materials to use when remodeling. If you are considering taking on a green home renovation project, here are three suggestions to help you begin:

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If you are thinking about tearing down walls or expanding your space, be sure to salvage the materials that can be repurposed or recycled. Completely demolishing rooms can be a wasteful process, so look for elements like light fixtures, flooring, molding, and cabinets that you can potentially reuse in another space. Even if you do not end up redecorating with your own salvaged materials, you can donate them to a local recycling center.

Green Materials & Tools

In addition to thoughtfully deconstructing your home, you can also purchase recycled materials for your renovation project. Using eco-friendly resources like refurbished wood is a cost-effective way to revamp your residence. Reclaimed wood floors not only help conserve trees, but they also make any room pop with distinction. A recycled glass countertop in your bathroom or kitchen is another stunning remodeling element; salvaged glasswork is a beautiful and practical substitute to granite.

Sustainable objects are not the only environmentally conscious materials available for home renovation; it is also important to use healthy and safe paints and varnishes. Invest in non-VOC or low-toxic products, in order to avoid adding pollutants to your house. Paints made with predominately natural ingredients, like plant oils or vegetable dyes, can improve the air quality in your home.

Home Renovation© TreeLine Homes

Natural Ventilation & Lighting

Green renovation alternatives also come in the form of renewable energy. For instance, instead of relying too heavily on air-conditioners, you can remodel your living space to incorporate more natural ventilation. Well-situated windows and patio doors can increase your home’s airflow, as well as allow in more sunlight. Remodeling with wind circulation and natural lighting in mind will be more energy efficient and cost-effective for you in the long run.

In Colorado, we can take advantage of the sunshine and fresh mountain air to ventilate and brighten our living spaces. If you are a Boulder County resident looking for more custom tips on how to renovate your private residence, contact us at TreeLine Homes and we will be happy to help with your green redesign goals.

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